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Saturday, 17th November 2018
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Strategic Plan

CLARION wishes to acknowledge the following groups for their contribution to the development of this Strategic Plan and generally to the wellbeing of the organisation:


CLARION’s members have always shown commitment to taking part in developing the organisation. During the strategic planning process, members took part in the initial planning interviews, the stakeholders’ workshop, which was held in February and the validation workshop held in the month of March. This participation, and the sense of ownership it demonstrates, further underscores their commitment to the development of the organisation. Thank you.

Board of Directors

The task of giving overall guidance to the strategic planning process fell on the members of the Board of Directors elected during the Annual General Meeting on 10th November, 2007. This was, in fact, one of their first areas of service to CLARION and the membership that elected them. Despite the heavy engagements, the Board did not disappoint. They took part in the initial planning interviews, the stakeholders’ workshop, the validation workshop and the launch of the SP. A few members of the previous Board were also able to take part in some of the activities. Thank you.

Funding Partners

This Strategic Plan could not have been developed if not for the sponsorship extended to CLARION by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA). It could not also have been developed if not for the cordial working relationship between CLARION and its other funding partners. The promise of continued support for the implementation of this Plan greatly propelled the process and sustained the enthusiasm of all the participants. Thank you.
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